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Ed and Jinny Fleischman have been traveling together for more than 40 years. During these years they have visited all the continents of the world except for Antarctica.

Their travels have taken them to France more than a dozen times, Mexico ten times and Italy and Spain more than a half dozen times. There have been numerous trips to Portugal, Canada and the United Kingdom as well as visits to Chile, Argentina, Peru, Australia, Austria, Ireland, Egypt, Turkey, Israel, Morocco, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Macao, mainland China and more. In addition, they have traveled widely within the United States.

Wherever they have visited, Ed and Jinny have made it their practice to search out interesting food and wines. Cooking classes, whether an afternoon or days long, are often included in their travels. They often frequent markets to see what the foods for the region look – and taste like. During these trips, they have made it their practice to visit vineyards to try the wines and get a feel for the various terroirs of the area.

During these years they have developed their own style of traveling that focuses on filling the trip with memories of the food and wine, people, crafts and history of the area. Whenever possible they include concerts and other performances in their visit. In fact, this is the combination of experiences they have worked to build into all Travels of the Fork and Cork trips.

While traveling, Ed and Jinny often seek out a wide range of accommodations. Included in their trips are unique 3 star hotels with lots of personality and charm as well as some more luxurious hotels – if the price is right. In recent years they have stayed at time shares properties or rental houses in the United States and Europe and have used these as their bases for preparing meals based on the local food and wine. By staying at these apartments and houses, Ed has been able to grill as he travels.

The Fleischmans have honed their cooking knowledge with training at the Cordon Bleu and Ritz in Paris, Mesones Sacristia in Mexico and Tasting Places in Sicily as well as classes in Peru, Viet Nam, Cambodia and Hong Kong.. In addition, Jinny's broad cooking education includes classes with Julia Child, Madeleine Kamman, Jean-Louis Palladin, Mt. Vernon College, and the Smithsonian Institution as well as a program for cooking teachers at Tante Marie's Cooking School in San Francisco. She has completed the program for teaching French wine

Company's Coming was the subject of Daily Candy on March 19, 2006. In addition, an article by Jinny, "A Party in the Freezer" was featured in the Washington Post Food section on December 18, 2002. . Jinny was interviewed for a Food section feature on August 20, 2000 and September 7, 2005.

Company's Coming was featured in the October 6, 1999 Washington Post Food Section. The February 2002 issue of Harper's Bazaar cited Company's Coming as one of the best cooking schools in the country. Company's Coming was featured in the March 20, 2006 issue of the Common Denominator. In 2007 Company's Coming was highlighted in an April, 2007 article in the USAirways Magazine, the March 1 edition of Washington Post Express and the June, 2007 Washingtonian article on wedding planning. In 2008 Company's Coming was featured in the Spring issue of Washington Home & Gardens.

In recent years they have led travel groups to numerous areas in France as well as Spain, Portugal and the Cinque Terra in Italy. Each class has focused on culture, food and wine of the region being visited..

The Fleischmans are members of Slow Food and the American Institute of Wine and Food. Jinny is also a member of Women Chefs and Restaurateurs.

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